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Top 10 Construction Demolition and Recycling Service Companies in APAC - 2021

As the rising instances of climate change impacts and accelerates the push toward minimizing greenhouse generation, the construction space is shifting toward the implementation of stringent regulations on the utilization and recycling of construction materials. In light of these developments, construction firms are seeking partner firms that can help them curb their waste generation and boost recycling processes via tech-driven solutions. This rising need for a technology solution capable of assisting construction companies cope with the evolving market is particularly pronounced in the APAC region owing to the meteoric rise of its construction sector over the last decade.

From a technology perspective, the construction demolition and recycling service vendors power their offerings with technologies such as AI, ML, Big Data, IoT, among others, to help construction firms effectively reduce the carbon footprint of their operations. The services are specially designed to analyze operational data across the multiple, disparate silos of a construction project and generate the best strategies to drive better disposal of waste and lower carbon emission at large.

Taking into account the ever-increasing number of intuitive construction demolition and recycling solutions entering the market, choosing the right solution provider has become a critical task for construction companies. In order to assist firms in the task of finding prominent construction demolition and recycling companies in APAC, we have compiled this issue of Construction Tech Review. In this edition, we have listed the top 10 construction demolition and recycling companies in APAC to showcase the organizations that can help you unlock new opportunities. We hope this issue of Construction Tech Review helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster sustainable and highly cost-efficient operations driven by robust and innovative technology.

We present to you, Construction Tech Review’s “Top 10 Construction Demolition and Recycling Service Companies in APAC – 2021.

    Top Construction Demolition and Recycling Service Companies in APAC

  • Central Waste Station acts as the one stop recycling yard that cleans up waste of all kinds–concrete, bricks, tiles, timbers, plasterboard, mixed construction and demolition waste, general household waste, and the list continues. It also has a range of Crushed Concrete Aggregates- ranging from 20mm minus to 75mm. Central Waste Station is constantly looking for ways to improve its service in the Recycling Industry with a dedicated team, the right products, and support to keep moving forward. The combined knowledge of products, their applications, and demands of the industry enables Central Waste Station to offer its customers a highly focused service with a level of dedication that is difficult to match. Central Waste Station's core objective is to be a leader in resource recovery in the Greater Hunter and Central Coast Regions. The company banks on its directors who bring their combined wealth of experience in waste management and resource recovery to the table and strive hard themselves tirelessly to bring innovation in waste management

  • Demolition solutions is an expert demolition services provider that focuses on residential and commercial building teardowns and asbestos removal

  • Green Gorilla is the largest non-landfill owning, full spectrum waste services provider in New Zealand. Its focus is to maximize recycling and diversion from landfill. The company’s clients are guided to the best recycling and waste service options available. Green Gorilla are here to provide businesses with expert industry advice and services including waste minimization planning, commercial and household waste collections, recycling, reuse, and waste disposal services. Green Gorilla owns and operates a 2.7ha Waste Processing Facility in Onehunga, Auckland. Through its facility, it is able to achieve 75-80 percent diversion rates of construction and building waste from New Zealand landfill. The company’s operation includes the recycling of waste plasterboard into gypsum and chipping of waste timber into biofuel, animal bedding, and landscaping wood chip. Other recyclables such as metals and card are also extracted and diverted from landfill

  • As a one-stop-shop for most customers, Samwoh provides a full suite of engineering services committed to advancing infrastructural excellence in the country. Since its humble beginning as a transport and logistics company in 1975, it has metamorphosed itself into a thriving, vertically integrated construction company. Today, Samwoh offers a comprehensive array of services that include civil engineering and infrastructure construction, the supply of building materials and precast concrete components, the recycling and demolition of construction and industrial wastes, research and development, as well as pavement consultancy services. It also provides logistic support, facilitates the shipping of raw materials, and even operates in quarries from neighboring countries

  • Turmec is a world leader in recycling solutions, offering planning, design, manufacturing, installation, and support to waste and recycling industry experts. Today, Turmec plants process the primary material mixes of Construction & Demolition (C&D), Commercial & Industrial (C&I), Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), and Dry Mixed Recyclables (DMR) to produce high-quality recyclate. These include aggregate (in various size classifications), ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood (split between natural and manufactured), plastic (bottles, film, mixed rigids), fibre, RDF, SRF, and fines (organic and inert). Turmec also provides secondary recyclates processing and has experience producing color-sorted cullet from mixed glass bottles, rubber recycling, composting, fines washing, and fuel pellet production

  • Beasy


    Beasy Pty Ltd is a multi-disciplinary contractor specialising in early works site preparation and remediation. Combining many years of experience with innovation from educated professional engineers, the company is at the forefront of the site preparation and remediation industry. The team provides a range of services to fully manage the risks associated

  • Central Demolition

    Central Demolition

    Central Demolition provides first class commercial and home asbestos removal and demolition services. Central Demolition strives to provide a quality, innovative and professional service for all its operations. Since its establishment in 2002, the company has completed hundreds of complex asbestos removal and demolition jobs and as experienced licensed asbestos removal contractors, it is now one of the preferred suppliers of these services in its target area of the North Island

  • Reclaims Global Limited [SGX: NEX]

    Reclaims Global Limited [SGX: NEX]

    An eco-friendly integrated service provider in the construction industry, Reclaims Global Limited specializes in the recycling of construction and demolition (C&D) waste, customization of excavation solutions, and operating fleet management. Through strategic customer-eccentric solutions, Reclaims Global Limited aims to deliver excavation services that exceed its clients’ expectations and experience. Be it eliminating the need for large storage facilities for construction and demolition (C&D) waste and RCA, substantially reducing transportation costs, or operating a fleet of excavators, tipper trucks, articulated dump trucks, and other machinery for day to day works, the company does it all

  • Tidy


    Tidy is one of the leading waste collection and recycling companies with a variety of services, including renovation waste disposal geared towards helping you maximize space and enhance overall productivity. With speed, versatility and reliability as the cornerstones of its service, Tidy provide effective solutions as its client's waste disposal company in Singapore

  • Ward Demolition

    Ward Demolition

    Ward Demolition is a leader in the demolition industry, and pioneers in deconstruction techniques that offer total solution demolition and recycling. Whether it’s the removal of asbestos and contaminated soil, or the demolition of a house or commercial building, the company provides professional advice and project management with a focus on recycling

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